• 144, El Alam Street, Horsh Kfoury, Badaro, Beirut.
  • (00961) 1 382610
  • aep@inco.com.lb

Haytham el Omar

Like most of the handicapped in Tripoli, Haytham had precarious, random jobs before opening his kiosk, twelve years ago.

His stand is located in the district of Tell. Haytham sells DVDs, CDs and old cassettes on which he has recorded Arabic and American series, movies and music. Singing at the top of his lungs, to attract customers during the afternoon, he was able to breathe life into this neighborhood that was experiencing a lack of daytime activity.

The Municipality has offered Haytham a site large enough to hold all his stock. He would like to have more space to sell more articles, but the unstable situation in Tripoli is a brake on his ambitions. While Haytham's income has already increased by 15% with the expansion of his booth, each security incident costs him a full financial week, as he suffers from a lack of clients for days or even weeks.