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AEP and Emmaus


Emmaus is a Movement founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949 and which has spread from France to 37 countries, totaling 350 groups. While in various activities, all are united in the same spirit, and in the following principles:

  • Serve those suffering most, first of all.
  • Relieve present suffering, while working to eliminate the causes.
  • Live in the communities of Emmaus, doing the work of "Companions", their "Friends" and "Volunteers".

With the benefits realized, the communities support development projects in their country or in the Third World.


1984: AEP was founded in Beirut in the community of Oasis of Hope (Emmaus Lebanon).

The Oasis of Hope (Emmaus Lebanon), founded in 1959, during the passage of Abbot Pierre through Lebanon, is a member of Emmaus International. Inactive recently, it was dissolved in 1994 and distributed its property between the two Associations with which it collaborated: the Social Movement and AEP.

1985 to 1995: AEP and Emmaus International have a fruitful partnership.

Emmaus International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which groups together the "Communities", the "Friends Committees" and other groups which have adhered to the principles summarized in its "Universal Manifesto" and other founding documents.

1996: AEP becomes an active member of Emmaus International, founded by Abbé Pierre, which has more than 350 members in 37 countries.

AEP is now part of the Emmaus Asia group, currently with Bangladesh, Indonesia and India.

Regarding principles, AEP has adopted those of the Universal Manifesto of Emmaus, essentially the following:

  • Service of every man, above all and without discrimination,
  • Prevention of poverty, a source of suffering.