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Kiosks in Tripoli

This project of kiosks dedicated to people with disabilities has been running for several years in Tripoli. The idea is to set up kiosks for local shops in strategic parts of the city, as suggested by the Municipality Planning Department. The kiosks are made of high quality materials and are aesthetically pleasing. The electrical installation and all interior fittings are covered by AEP.

The Association has already installed 9 kiosks in Tripoli and its surroundings. Small outlets sell drinks, newspapers, tickets, sandwiches, or fresh juice every day. Since it was launched, the project has made it possible to integrate several people in difficulty into the labor market and has generated benefits at all levels:

  • Additional income to the city through rental of the site
  • Expansion of the city
  • Creating jobs for the most disadvantaged
  • Restitution of the self-confidence, autonomy and dignity of the disabled person
  • Insertion of beneficiaries into the economic and social circuit

Over time, the project will be expanded in north Lebanon.

The funds provided by Emmaus Montbéliard, together with the contribution of AEP, will ensure the establishment of six new kiosks, each hosting two people. These will be chosen by AEP from among the socially excluded and marginalized, who will follow several training sessions that will enable them to manage their point of sale.