• 144, El Alam Street, Horsh Kfoury, Badaro, Beirut.
  • (00961) 1 382610
  • aep@inco.com.lb


AEP is a non-profit organization, working for socio-economic development in the field of microfinance. During the war, in the turmoil and collapse of normal society, when many Lebanese seemed to be giving up, there were other men and women who believed and dared to hope.

Instead of resorting to occasional or regular begging, or taking up arms, they preferred to take up their responsibilities by working hard. It is these we helped and continue to help.

AEP, a Lebanese NGO founded in 1984 by a Lebanese from Beirut’s world of business and social intervention, is governed by the 1901 Act of the Ministry of the Interior.

AEP subscribes to the values of secularism and democracy, the only guarantees of harmony between the interests of the individual and those of the general public.

AEP seeks to make those successfully carrying out small yet productive projects into development leaders, whether they be family collectives or cooperatives. Once established, AEP assists them with their projects.