• 144, El Alam Street, Horsh Kfoury, Badaro, Beirut.
  • (00961) 1 382610
  • aep@inco.com.lb


Values held by AEP in its development efforts

With its objective of human and economic development - for the full development of each human being - AEP has these values:

  • Personal work: since its inception, AEP has sought to discourage any relationship between assistance and charity. It defines its work as an action "beyond assistance"
  • Productive and profitable work: through feasibility studies prior to the granting of loans
  • Creativity: by encouraging new ideas
  • Caring and solidarity: These values are practiced in the accompaniment and follow-up of the borrowers while leaving them total responsibility for their projects. Solidarity is also practiced in periodic regional meetings between borrowers, where they can talk about their experiences
  • Decentralization and regionalization of responsibilities.