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AEP continues to cooperate with the USAID agency through its Lebanese Microfinance Investment (LIM) program, which grants micro-credits in the fields of agriculture, IT services and rural tourism. Two hundred and twenty-seven loans have been distributed throughout Lebanon to date. But that's not all...

LIM's help also includes: training sessions for our Executive Team, follow-up meetings for the creation of a Credit Office, assistance in setting up a Lebanese microfinance network, visits by LIM officials to beneficiaries in different regions and preparation of a dossier to obtain new funding from USAID through the LIM program.

The LIM program provided us with an opportunity to participate in the Women's World Microcredit Conference held in Amman in November, 2016. This congress - where AEP was represented by Léna Sayad - touched on a number of issues related to the emancipation of women and the various sources of funding in the world. We had the opportunity to publicize AEP and create relationships with other associations and funding institutions.