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Georges Zogheib

Occupation: Farmer
Location: Jouret El Qattine

This client is undeniably a classic example of why AEP was created.

Georges, his wife Najat and three school children started from scratch when they began farming, to stabilize their domestic situation. Located on the slope of a mountain, sheltered from the wind and very sunny, the location of the project seemed ideal, albeit that the soil was rather poor and rocky.

Georges called on AEP to help him flatten the soil and add new earth to make it suitable for greenhouse installation and cultivation. The work to be undertaken was costly and by the end of 2016, the farm had borrowed from us four times! Each time the credit allowed him to develop further. Georges' vegetable fields allow him to sell parsley, spinach, broccoli, tomato and beans ... each depending on the season.

Georges had recourse to a Syrian and an Egyptian family to help mid-season in two of the greenhouses. Moreover, on the land is a well from which the water is bottled and marketed.

When he repaid the last loan Georges had other ambitions: a new greenhouse at the top of his land and a small house with a view of the valley and the farm!