• 144, El Alam Street, Horsh Kfoury, Badaro, Beirut.
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  • aep@inco.com.lb

Khodor El Chaher

Commerce: Telephone store and accessories
Location: Mkaless, Beirut

Khodor, a middle-aged Lebanese, is divorced with two young children.

In 2010, he had a serious accident that almost completely paralyzed him. With medical treatment and physiotherapy sessions, he gradually recovered some of his mobility and today he lacks only the use of his legs.

After meeting with the AEP credit officer, Khodor was given a loan to start his small business and in his shop, we now find phones, accessories and other food and make-up products. The element that has contributed most to the shop's newfound success is an international phone-line.

We are always welcomed with a big smile and Khodor has a good relationship with AEP. He has applied for a further loan of $5,000 to acquire further goods to secure and increase customer loyalty.

Khodor has worked hard to recover his former dignity and AEP is proud to have helped his business succeed.