• 144, El Alam Street, Horsh Kfoury, Badaro, Beirut.
  • (00961) 1 382610
  • aep@inco.com.lb

Credit Characteristics

Description of Credit:

  • Credit limit 15,000,000 LBP
  • Interest 15%
  • File fees 1,5%
  • The repayment period varies between 10 and 36 months
  • Rate of repayment depends upon the feasibility study findings


Terms of Credit:

Approval of a loan by AEP depends on the personal, family and financial situation of the applicant and the project to be financed.

AEP favors people with one dependent, a modest income and who has had difficulty obtaining a loan from a bank.

The project must be professional and not personal, achievable and productive. A feasibility study will be carried out by AEP before loan approval.

For more information on credits please contact us